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Flex (OWB) Ventcore Holster

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  • Special pricing is available on bulk orders. Please contact us at [email protected] for assistance on placing bulk orders.


    All Ventcore® items are handmade to each specific order. We will not sacrifice quality for quantity. Due to high demand, all Ventcore items ship within 18 days of the order being placed.

    FLEX Technology

    FLEX Technology allows our outside-the-waistband holster to flex and adapt to body movement. Combined with the breathability of our patented Ventcore® platform – the OWB holster with FLEX Technology is the most comfortable and concealable OWB holster on the market today.

    OWB Belt Clips

    We partnered with Summit-Supply & Mfg. on the design and manufacture of a special belt clip specifically built for outside-the-waistband holster applications. The design of these OWB clips eliminates the need to remove or un-buckle the belt when attaching or removing the OWB holster. It also allows our OWB holsters and mag carriers to be clipped directly onto a MOLLE platform.

    Speed Cut

    The “Speed Cut” is an option that reduces material from both the Ventcore platform and on the holster shell. By chopping down the platform, less material is in contact with the firearm which reduces drag when drawing. The notch on the holster shell allows the firearm to clear the holster faster. The “Speed Cut” is currently available on select models only. We will be adding this option to new models regularly until all OWB FLEX holsters are available with the “Speed Cut”.

    Speed Cut Model Availability:

    • Colt Commander 4.25”
    • Beretta PX4 Compact
    • Ceska Zbrojovka CZ75S P-01
    • Ceska Zbrojovka P-07
    • Colt Government Model 5 Inch
    • CZ 75D Compact/PCR
    • CZ P-1
    • CZ P-10C
    • FN FNX 45 Tactical
    • Glock G17/22/31
    • Glock G17/22/31 TLR2
    • Glock G19/23/32
    • Glock G19/23/32 Inforce APL
    • Glock G19/23/32 Surefire XC1
    • Glock G19/23/32 TLR1
    • Glock G19/23/32 TLR7
    • Glock G19/23/32 with Inforce APLc
    • Glock G21/20
    • Glock G26/27/33
    • Glock G26/27/33 TLR6
    • Glock G30
    • Glock G34/35/41
    • Glock G43
    • Glock G43 TLR6
    • Heckler and Koch P30
    • Heckler and Koch P30sk
    • Heckler and Koch VP9
    • Heckler and Koch VP9sk
    • Sig Sauer P226
    • Sig Sauer P226 (with rail) (Legion) TLR1
    • Sig Sauer P228 (M11-A1)
    • Sig Sauer P229
    • Sig Sauer P320 Compact
    • Sig Sauer P320 Full Size
    • Sig Sauer P320 RX Compact Romeo 1
    • Sig Sauer P365
    • Sig Sauer P938
    • Smith and Wesson 4.25” 2.0
    • Smith and Wesson M&P Compact 2.0
    • Smith and Wesson M&P Compact 4.25” 9mm/.40
    • Smith and Wesson Shield 9mm/.40
    • Smith and Wesson Shield 9mm/.40 TLR6
    • Springfield Armory Mod 2 3" 9/.40
    • Springfield Armory Operator 5"
    • Springfield Armory XDM 3.8
    • Springfield Armory XDS 3.3 9MM
    • Walther PPQ M2 4"
    • Walther PPS M2


    • Ventcore® platform
    • 3-piece flexible exoskeleton
    • Custom SGUSA-designed injection molded polymer OWB belt clips
    • Black oxide stainless steel fasteners
    • Custom designed for each handgun model
    • 30+ components
    • Hand built in the USA

    Please Note: The wings that hold the clips on all flag patterned holsters are a solid color.

    • Stars and Stripes: Tan
    • US Flag Black & White: Black
    • Thin Blue Line Light: Black
    • Thin Blue Line Dark: Black
    • Texas Flag: Black